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All that Jazz and Klezmer! "Shoshana" Ortner and Company

March  22, 2pm, Congregation Beth Shalom, Oak Park, MI

All That Jazz and Klezmer! 

Susanne Ortner-Roberts (GERMANY) – clarinet/saxophone

John Marcinizyn (USA) – guitar

Doug Levine (USA) - piano 

… exhilarating, toe-tapping fun!...       …Great joy!...     … Turn on the fire hydrant!...

...a unique mix of folk, klezmer and gypsy jazz that switches with ease from the deeply soulful to the stunningly virtuosic.

(Comments from the audience)


The three outstanding musicians explore the art of communication and innovation within traditional genres such as Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Classical and more!

You’ll be enchanted by the mesmerizing sounds of Odessa, New Orleans, Paris, Brazil, and other places that will make your soul soar, and your feet move!